#TBT: Initial James Shields (Wade Davis) Trade Reaction revisited

Do you remember when 90% of Kansas City hated the "James Shields" - now known as the "Wade Davis," trade? Do you also remember when the Kansas City Royals won back-to-back American League Championships AND won the World Series? Three years ago yesterday, David Glass and Dayton Moore went all in. It was the day that we put our big boy pants on, rather than continuing to live on hope and rainbows that the future will be better. On Dec. 9, 2012, the Kansas City Royals MADE their future better. But, at the time, the majority of the Royals, much smaller "fan base" were against the trade. For whatever reason, we gave up too much, or whatever. It also signified a momentous change for the organization. It was time to WIN. GAMES. The effects of the Wade Davis trade have been debated far and wide and wrote about many more times since its onset. We liked the trade, immediately, but, the day after the trade, We wondered if we gave up too much for Shields for a chance to win now. We couldn't [Read more...]