What’s the deal with Jason La Canfora?

La Canfora “la Canfora” translates from Italian to English as “camphor" White…volatile…bitter… In my lifetime, I’ve *hated* one team. The Denver Broncos. I still hate them. I hate them because they are good and often beat my team, the Kansas City Chiefs. They’ve been good for a long, long time. It is a hatred that has developed over years and years of games. They play in the same division as my team. I feel my hatred is justified. Some (Broncos fans) would probably call my hate jealousy. So be it, they aren’t wrong. I own it. I hate them because they are almost always good. I want the Broncos to lose every time they take the field, against any opponent. Thanks to Jason La Canfora, I might hate two teams now. I am most definitely rooting for any team playing the Orioles from this point until the end of the 2016 season and postseason, if only to add to Mr. La Canfora’s frustration. Over the last two years, a professional football writer (CBS), Jason La Canfora has seemingly [Read more...]

HAWT takes galore, courtesy of Royals Facebook

Royals Facebook, more so than Royals Twitter - which also has its own moments - has always been a place full of HAWT take treasures. But, over the last few weeks, its been an absolute HAWT take Heaven (or Hell). There is some good discussion there. Even great, at times. SOME high baseball IQ. But, as interesting as that place is, sometimes, it is simply too much. The idiocracy that I see there simply amazes me. And, I'd love NOT to see some of the takes ever again, or this: Some I know have simply left the groups - and I don't blame them. It's probably best. But, I cant quit it. Instead of leaving, lets expose some of these people for what they are. I have spared their identities, but if you find one of your takes on here, I apologize in advance. Maybe I'm being a little too harsh, puttin' you on blast, BUT, the world deserves to see your glorious takes. Let's visit some of them: Ventura did not throw at Machado AND it was Machado's fault, why did he get less games? You [Read more...]