Odorizzi to start Sunday, still no Myers

The Omaha Royals lost in the Pacific League Championship Saturday, ending their season. Quietly, the Royals called up top pitching prospect Jake Odorizzi along with relief - KC native - Tommy Hottovy, pitcher Nate Adcock, catcher Adam Moore and infielder Irving Falu. None have played as of yet, but that will change Sunday when Odorizzi will make his MLB debut against the Cleveland Indians. Still, no Wil Myers, despite tearing it up in the minor leagues hitting .314 with 34 HR, 109 RBI and score 98 in runs in being named Baseball America's Minor League Player of the Year. The Royals have used three excuses this year for not calling him up: 1) Dont want to start his clock early, 2) he is striking out to much (in the second half team's began pitching him backwards - throwing breaking pitches early in count, fastballs late) and 3) they don't want to create a spot on the 40-man roster, risking losing a player in the Rule 5 Draft. Sounds like excuses to me. He should have been here [Read more...]

Chiefs Season Preview: The Morning Before All Hell Breaks Loose

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in Kansas City on the most excellent of Sunday's of the year - the first Chiefs game.  Full of optimism and hope and a freshly laundered Dante Hall jersey I found at a thrift store, I am as excited as a baby at the teat - or a grown man there actually. There's of course been numerous NFL predictions from numerous sources valid and blogish alike.  And while it is impossible to take those predictions too seriously, they are grounded in some truths about these NFL teams.  With that said, the AFC West appears to be genuinely considered by most to be a wide open division.  I've seen every team picked to win it including the Raiders. Concerning the Chiefs it seems to be a popular feeling (even among those not picking them to win the division) that they may have the most talented roster top to bottom in the the West. So is it true?  Do the Chiefs have the best "on-paper" roster in the AFC West? I turn to science for the answers.  And when I say science I [Read more...]

Ramblings of a Moron

Tom Hanken, KC SportsNation Uniforms:  I like the different uniform variations that schools are attempting to do.  However, I do not think this for everybody. Some schools (Oregon, Virginia Tech, Missouri) have carved themselves a very nice niche of changing uniforms multiple times a year. Some schools just do not need to do it.  Their uniforms are ionic enough that the change is not necessary.  These schools are USC, Alabama, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, to name a few, do not need to join the uniform race.  Leave the uniform game to the rest of the country and stick to your ionic tradition rich uniforms. Penn State’s loss was bittersweet.  I like Frank Solich and I am glad to see him get the win but the loss keeps Penn St in the headlines, even if it was their 114th loss in a row.  I cannot wait for the day the Paterno family stays quiet and Penn St is stays out of the headlines.

Pinkel, Tigers gear up for “Mammoth” Georgia game + links, links and more links

  34 hours... It is hard to ignore the magnitude of this game - for both sides. Mizzou head coach Gary Pinkel has called it "mammoth." Georgia head coach Mark Richt has called it "huge." Both descriptions may not do it justice. Pinkel was pleased with how focused and ready to play Missouri was against SE Louisiana with Georgia looming, but was disappointed by the offense taking the second quarter off Saturday, but assured it had nothing to do with anyone minus themselves. "We were up 28-0 real quick and everyone on the sideline thought it was already over," Pinkel said. "And, the offense played like it. We came out in the third quarter and put it away after we had a 'talk' at halftime." Pinkel insist Saturday will also be about Missouri, not anyone else. "When we go out and do what we are supposed to do, we are a pretty good football team," Pinkel said. "We have to worry about what we can do, not our opponent, not Southeast Louisiana, not Georgia, not anybody. We have to [Read more...]

Week 1 Picks

Brian Graham Tom Hanken Jeff Kirby Notre Dame (-17.5) vs Navy ND 41-17 ND 37-17 ND 45-14 Northwestern vs Syracuse (-1.5) NW 24-21 NW 21-17 NW 23-21 Marshall at W Virginia (-24.5) W Virginia 44-17 W Virginia 42-17 W Virginia 41-14 Ohio at PSU (-9.5) PSU 26-20 PSU 17-14 PSU 24-17 W Michigan @ Illinois (-9.5) Illinois 31-30 Illinois 31-23 Illinois 34-10 Miami (OH) @ Ohio St (-22.5) Ohio St 34-13 Ohio St 34-10 Ohio St 35-6 Buffalo @ Georgia (-37.5) Georgia 43-9 Georgia 42-7 Georgia 42-3 Tulsa (-1.5) @ Iowa st Tulsa 27-23 Tulsa 21-17 Iowa St 20-17 Bowling Green @ Florida (-29.5) Florida 38-8 Florida 41-10 Florida 38-7 Iowa (-9.5) @ N. Illinois Iowa 30-22 Iowa 24-17 Iowa 27-13 So Miss @ Neb (-19.5) Nebraska 35-21 Nebraska 38-17 Nebraska 28-3 Miami (FL) @ BC (-.5) Miami 23-20 Miami 28-17 BC 17-14 N Texas @ LSU (-43.5) LSU 46-7 LSU 49-0 LSU 52-6 Clemson (-3.5) @ Auburn Auburn [Read more...]

Chiefs Win First Pre-Season Game, So What?

So this... While a pre-season win itself may not mean much, coming out and playing well, looking prepared, and gaining confidence does mean a whole lot. Matt Cassel looked comfortable.  He didn't blow me away with any plays, but it was clear he knew where he was supposed to go with the ball and executed consistently on two good drives. The Chiefs will be able to run the ball this year.  Our offensive line looked dominant and the depth chart appears deep at RB.  This is important for the Chiefs as they will be most successful this year when they can control the clock and keep the defense rested. Speaking of the offensive line...what a difference a year makes.  All of a sudden I'm hearing comparisons to the O-Line glory days of Willie Roaf, Will Shields and company.  While its just one pre-season game, this unit is no longer a liability and has the potential to become great this season. Speaking of the running game...Jamaal Charles looked quick and took some hits.  That's [Read more...]

Chiefs Training Camp Week 1 Recap

The first week of Chiefs training camp has come and gone. Here’s what you need to know so far: • Still no Dwayne Bowe. Reports are he will likely skip the entire training camp and sign his franchise contract right before the regular season starts. • All of last season’s torn ACLs are holding up so far. With limited work loads, Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki, and Eric Berry have all looked to be back to full speed so far. The question will be how they will perform physically and mentally once the hitting begins. • Ricky Stanzi is listed 3rd on the most recent depth chart and so far hasn’t done anything to jump Brady Quinn. Unless Stanzi clearly outplays Quinn this pre-season, he’s likely to stay back-up to the back-up. • Most of Dexter McCluster’s reps have been at receiver and that is exactly the position he is listed under on the depth chart. If it wouldn’t look so bad for Pioli, McCluster might be in jeopardy of getting cut. • McCluster has also been getting reps returning kicks [Read more...]

Poe Got The Dough But Still No Bowe

The good news is the Chiefs' first round pick Dontari Poe has agreed to a 4 year deal with a 5th year team option. The dollars and cents have not been released by the Chiefs as of yet. He’ll be ready as training camp opens up this weekend and so will the rest of this year’s draft class, marking the first time in six years everyone has been signed on time. The bad news is there are no indications that Dwayne Bowe will be reporting to camp, perhaps marking the beginning of a long stand-off between Bowe and Pioli. It would seem Bowe has the leverage here as the Chiefs have the cap room to give him the money and a lack of proven talent at wideout. Still the Chiefs seem confident that the star wide receiver will show up eventually new contract or not. We’ll see who blinks first and hopefully soon.