Linsanity sweeps the nation as Knicks keep on “linning”

Life has turned upside down for Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin. In a good way. Two weeks ago Lin was a fourth stringer and on the verge of being released for the third time this year. Now, he has scored the most points in NBA history thru first five starts (below), sells out Arenas (both of Lin's road games as a starter have resulted in the biggest crowds of the season in both Minnesota and Toronto), is cheered on the road and received a roaring ovation as he hit a game-winning 3-pointer with 0.5 seconds left on the clock in the Knicks 90-87 win, scoring the last six points of the game. The Knicks were a miserable 8-15 and head coach Mike D'Antoni's job was in doubt. Now, they have now won six in a row since Lin was inserted into the starting lineup. "Linsanity" is sweeping the nation, but unlike TebowMania, Lin is actually producing. He is racking up points for me in fantasy basketball. P.S. Mizzou alum Linas Kleiza registered a double-double with 15 points, 11 rebounds [Read more...]

MU > Kansas: The Final Chapter, Part 1 Video

Here is a great video on the rivalry and yesterday's 74-71 Missouri win. This is all we'll have on the game after I spent all day writing an extended GREAT piece about the game and the rivalry and it got erased as I published. Not happy about it, and will not re-write it. My apologies. Will post Border War The Final Chapter, Part 1 links tomorrow, so you can read about it elsewhere.

Dunk you very much!

The Twitter Universe exploded last night following Blake Griffin's "dunk" over Kendrick Perkins.   Now, it is debatable if this is even REALLY considered a dunk, but WOW...Now, is it better than this? Coming just one day prior to Griffin's, this was considered the Dunk of the Year so far. Poor lil' John Lucas. How about the College Dunk of the Year, coming last Wednesday from Markell Brown in Oklahoma State's 79-72 win over Missouri. Three epic dunks in five days! But are any of them better than this dunk that is widely considered the best EVER?

In case you missed it video: Gasol-Paul “Rufflegate”

In the final seconds of the Lakers win over the Clippers Wednesday night, Chris Paul and Pau Gasol got into a dispute, of sorts. Paul and Gasol exchanged some words, and then some more words, and then Gasol ... how can we put this? He ruffled Paul's head. You know, like you would the paper boy, if paper boys existed if papers still existed. Paul, did not take it well, calling Gasol "soft" as Gasol was at the free throw line. Basically a culture clash, a - in Alan's from Hangover voice, "Classic mix-up." Here is the incident.