Turner Gill: Dead man walking?

Brian Graham, KC SportsNation Is there any way Turner Gill is the Kansas coach next season? I think the embarrassing 59-21 loss at home to in-state rival Kansas State Saturday may have been the nail in the coffin. 118-28 to your in-state rival in two seasons, both at home? Saturday, Kansas State did a victory lap with their own fans in your own stadium Turner Gill. That's embarrassing. Kansas has notoriously bad football fans, but in the fourth quarter there was no blue or red in the stadium, just a bunch of purple. Kansas has lost five straight games by an average of 33 points, and have allowed 45 points or more in those games -- 59 or more three times. The chances of Kansas winning a game the rest of this year are slim to none. A road trip to Ames to play Iowa State November 5 is their last remaining chance. If they are unsuccessful, Kansas will finish the season 0-9 in Big 12 play and 1-17. Kansas is allowing 45 points per game in conference play under Gill's [Read more...]

Mizzou expected to withdraw from Big 12 Today

Brian Graham, KC SportsNation Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton will attend the Big 12 Presidents meeting today in Dallas, and is expected to announce Missouri's conditional withdraw (pending acceptance into another conference) from the Big 12, in person. Deaton has a good relationship with the other presidents and wants to personally shake hands with them. Deaton worked hard to save the Big 12 and wants to maintain some of the relationships so that they may have a working relationship down the line. Also, Deaton is a genuinely nice guy and is a class-act and he feels this is something he needs to do face-to-face. If this is the case, kudos to him. I would like to be in that room. While nothing is official, YET, Missouri is expected to be the SEC's 14th team and will be placed in the SEC East with Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and South Carolina and their permanent non-divisional rivalry will be Texas A&M, and not Arkansas as originally thought. [Read more...]

Big 12 Rewind: Power Rankings, Performers of the Week

Power Rankings Rank   Team     Record  (1st place votes) Pts  Last 1. Oklahoma (6-0, 3-0) (3)  48  1: If Oklahoma State dropped 70 on Kansas, surely Oklahoma would do the same, right? Oklahoma missed its chance at some style points Saturday night as Quarterback Landry Jones struggled, but the Sooners still easily beat Kansas 47-17 behind a dominating defensive effort in the second half. Just how good is Jones? He completed just 50 percent of his passes and still threw for 363 yards and 3 TD's. He misfired all first half, but sent wide receiver Ryan Broyles into the record books in style with 57-yard deep post route-TD, making Broyles NCAA's career receptions leader. Broyles, who caught 13 passes for 217 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Sooners, now has 326 career receptions and is also the Big 12's career receiving touchdowns leader with 46. Dominque Whaley added 165 yards on 30 carries and a touchdown on the ground for the Sooners, who shuck off a surprisingly close [Read more...]

K-State Gradecard: K-State survives first half without offense, wins fourth straight as an underdog

Bucky, KC SportsNation LUBBOCK, Tex – If the third time is the charm, then what is the fourth? No. 17 K-State has pulled a month full of upsets and has scaled heights that could not be imagined before the season after winning its fourth straight game as an underdog, 41-34 at Texas Tech Saturday night. Kansas State (6-0, 3-0 Big 12) survived a first half in which they were outgained 382-94 with a 24-yard Nigel Malone interception, a Tyler Lockett 100-yard kick return and two Raphael Guidry blocked field goal’s, trailing just 28-20 at halftime. The game would have been out of hand at halftime, with the huge yardage discrepancy and with Texas Tech running 55 plays. But Kansas State did what it does and found a way to keep it close.

All signs still pointing to SEC for Mizzou, puts continuance of rivalry on KU’s shoulders

Brian Graham, KC SportsNation The University of Missouri Board of Curators (BoC) didn't say a whole lot today, but they said enough. After three days of meeting on Kansas City for the BoC, it is evident that Missouri has one foot out the door, is stepping out with a second and is ready to shut the door on the Big 12 and open a new door into the SEC. Nothing official came out of Missouri today. Missouri is still, currently a member of the Big 12 Conference. STILL. But the BoC gave Chancellor Brady Deaton a unanimous vote to make decisions regarding conference affiliation, meaning if MU wants to leave, there does not have to be a vote of approval. So, in other words, Missouri is gone. The remaining focus of the presser focused on the importance of Kansas City to the University of Missouri. With Missouri's departure seemingly imminent and inevitable, this has been a hot topic. What is going to happen to Kansas City, the epicenter of the MU-KU rivalry and Big 12 basketball? How [Read more...]

Missouri to the SEC is a mistake, please stay home

"Bucky," KC SportsNation Any analysis of the resurrection of MU football has to start and end with recruiting.  Even MU fans would not laud head coach Gary Pinkel as a great coach, whether it is Xs and Os or schemes. He wants to get as many good athletes as he can and put them in a good position to win and they have steadily become more successful. Since MU is in a large state with relatively little competition, it is easy to see them having a good recruiting base in-state. However, any rise of the local teams can be directly attributed to Texas recruiting. Pinkel, Bill Snyder and former KU coach Mark Mangino have all had their best success when they were pulling quality players out of Texas. Nebraska, as usual, believes because they are Nebraska, that they will continue to recruit Texas even though they have withdrawn from the Big 12. Over time, that will prove to be a fallacy and it might be sooner rather than later. Nebraska believes this even though teams with more national [Read more...]

Conference Realignment Update: Oct 19, 2011: Is Mizzou as good as gone?

Conference Realignment/Expansion has been a real attention whore, hasn't she? If she goes away, or is overshadowed by actual games, she always comes back. The Missouri Board of Curators (BOC) are scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon at 3:45 pm and again Friday morning in closed sessions and is expected to ask for a "conditional release" from the Big 12 Conference. The condition would be Missouri can stay if the SEC pulls the rug out at the last second. One must ask, why would the Big 12 agree to that? It is a smart move by Mizzou, because it is possible the SEC could get "cold feet" and backs out at the last second. But what would the Big 12 think if Missouri decided to stay? How would they be treated, what would the reaction of the other schools to be toward Missouri and how would their opinions be viewed on future issues? I guess if Missouri gets shunned, it is deservedly so. I think at this point everyone is ready for Mizzou to announce what its going to do, so the rest [Read more...]

I Hate When My Schwartz Gets Twisted

Head coaches Schwartz and Harbaugh had a memorable mid-field "handshake" in yesterday's game:     While Schwartz' reaction may have been a little overblown, Harbaugh might rethink celebrating in another coach's face like that again.  Todd Haley might do more than point a finger if he met Harbaugh acting like an a-hole at midfield.

Uniform Watch

In case you missed it, here are some of the unique, different, new uniforms worn this weekend across the college football universe. Is the obsessions with uniform combinations getting out of control? I like some. Others not so much. What are your thoughts? Maryland, Oregon and Oklahoma State continue their assault on uniform combinations For the first time, Maryland actually wore uniforms that were not an eye-sore. The helmets were still God-awful, but the uniforms weren't half bad. Another game, another Oregon uniform. Awesome helmets. Oklahoma State has 48 different uniform combinations with their four colors of jersey, pants, and helmets. They wore their sixth different combo Saturday in Austin.