Royals pound Sox, stay hot

Brian Graham, KC Sports Nation CHICAGO--The Royals offense continued to pound away and Bruce Chen threw a 2-hitter as the Royals won for the ninth time in 11 games, 11-1 Friday night at Chicago. Chen (12-8) allowed just two hits in eight innings and the Royals hit four homeruns and had 18 hits. Rookie Phenom Eric Hosmer hit his 19th homer of the year, and is one away from being the first Royals rookie to hit 20 homeruns since Mark Quinn in 2000.

Big 12 Rewind

In case people forgot, there still is a football season. Big 12 play opens up this week. The Big 12 is the only conference with three teams in the top eight of both polls and sports that nation's best conference record at 23-2. Power Rankings Team (Rec) (Pts)  (Last Week) 1. Oklahoma (2-0) (30) (1): Oklahoma dominated #5 Florida State in impressive fashion Saturday, winning 23-13. Landry Jones only had 189 total yards and two total TD (one rush) and threw two picks, but Oklahoma's defense may be its best since 2003, when they were widely considered one of the best teams ever. Javon Harris had 2 picks, leading the defense that forced three turnovers and had six sacks. Oklahoma-Florida State Highlights Wide Receiver Kenny Still had a big game with seven catches, 125 yards and a TD. This week: The top-ranked Sooners host Missouri this week and they have nothing but revenge on their mind. Head coach Bob Stoops said he wanted to beat Missouri more than anyone on his [Read more...]

Fake Dan Beebe’s epic Twitter rant

Isn't twitter great? @FakeDanBeebe went on an AWESOME tirade on twitter earlier today. Of course, it is completely fake, but nonethesless awesome. Happy reading. THIS IS WHAT YOU BASTARDS WANTED AND THIS IS WHAT YOU GET DANNY DID NOTHING BUT HUSTLE FOR YOU BIG 12 AND THIS IS THE THANKS I GET, A FORCED RESIGNATION JUST SO OKLAHOMA WILL STOP BEING BUTTHOLES. SO LISTEN UP, AND LISTEN WELL

Conference Expansion Update, Thur Sept 22: The Big 12 lives? Beebe out, Neinas in

7:57 pm: What just happened? I still don't know. The only thing that is clear is Dan Beebe is out as Big 12 Commissioner and Chuck Neinas has been named as his interim replacement. It appears the Big 12 has agreed, in principle, to remain together. IT APPEARS. Missouri scheduled a press conference for 6:45, but of course Oklahoma couldn't be upstaged and scheduled one for 15 minutes earlier, clearly trying to steal Missouri's thunder. "What is Boren doing upstaging the chairman of the Big 12 Board of Directors (Deaton)?" one Big 12 administrator wondered aloud. "That's just uncalled for." Oklahoma President David Boren was clear and to the point, while Missouri President Brady Deaton was very, very vague. Some things we certainly know: Beebe is gone, and his interim replacement, as expected, is former Big 8 Commissioner (1971-80) Chuck Neinas. Texas A&M is free to go and all nine remaining schools have agreed to a new 6-year grant of television rights tied to the [Read more...]

Neinas next Big 12 head?

Chuck Neinas' name surfaced yesterday as someone who would be a great replacement for Dan Beebe as Big 12 Commissioner. It appears Neinas thinks so, too. Neinas, a former Big 8 Commissioner (1971-80), has confirmed his interest to the KC Star. Dennis Dodd of CBS says Neinas expects to replace Beebe. According to Dodd, Neinas was contacted by the Big 12 Thursday night and "confirmed in the affirmative" of his interest in the position and has since applied formally with the Big 12 and expects to be the next conference commissioner, although in an interim basis - for six months to a year - long enough to see the conference through its reform (if it happens) and for the Big 12 to find a suitable replacement. Stay tuned, more news should come out of the Big 12 Presidents conference call this afternoon.    

Breaking News: Beebe to resign

Brian Graham, KCSportsNation Remember when I called for the resignation of Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe? If you forgot, here it is (Dan Beebe’s Resignation a must).     I had this all figured out a month ago. Why couldn't the rest of the Big 12?   I also knew that he would not willingly resign, therefore he must be forced out. Oklahoma made demands yesterday to Texas in a plan to keep the conference together, one which called for Beebe's resignation. According to KC Star’s Mike DeArmond, this will happen tomorrow. ESPN has also piggy-backed this story. Kudos to Oklahoma for making it happen. Amazingly, Missouri chancellor and chair of the Big 12 Board of Directors, Brady Deaton tried to block the move and refused to accept the resignation. What a clown this tool is. This is after his own football coach Gary Pinkel has been openly critical of Beebe on two different radio shows. WHY WOULD DEATON WANT THIS GUY AROUND? He was all-in to save the Big 12, but wants it led by [Read more...]

Conference Expansion Update, Wed Sept 21

10:56 pm: So I step out for a few hours to have some me time on the basketball court (a big Thank You to Jeff Graves for the five powerhouse dunks) and I missed some action. If you want to follow conference realignment, you really can't sleep or do anything fun. Anyhow, according to KC Star's Mike DeArmond, Dan Beebe is on his way out as the Big 12 Commissioner, and the resignation will be announced tomorrow. Remember when I said this a month ago (Dan Beebe's Resignation a must)? If I can figure this out, why can't a damn conference? I will continue to my prediction that his replacement will be former Big 8 Commissioner Chuck Neinas. Nienas helped Oklahoma hire AD Joe Castigleone and Missouri AD Mike Alden. More on this soon... Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel continues to voice his concern with the Big 12. Earlier in the day, he called the Big 12 "a sad embarrassment." A few weeks ago on Tim Brando's national TV show, he said that the Big 12 needs serious repair work [Read more...]

Conference Expansion Update: Pac-whatever its called plays its cards

11:39 p.m: Now the Pac 12, Pac-XX or Pac-whatever its called has decided to play its hand in this ultimate poker match, otherwise known as this never-ending drama known as Conference Realignment. Quoting one of my friends, who said, "Will This ever end?" I agree, friend. Anyway, Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott announced that the Pac-12 will NOT seek expansion. His full statement: WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — In light of the widespread speculation about potential scenarios for Conference re-alignment, the Pac-12 Presidents and Chancellors have affirmed their decision to remain a 12-team conference. Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said, “after careful review we have determined that it is in the best interests of our member institutions, student-athletes and fans to remain a 12-team conference. While we have great respect for all of the institutions that have contacted us, and certain expansion proposals were financially attractive, we have a strong conference structure and culture [Read more...]

Sept 20, 2011: A wild ride in Conference Expansion

Here comes Conference Armageddon Where will your team end up in conference realignment/expansion?   Brian Graham, KC Sports Nation Personally, I am sick and tired of the daily drama known as conference expansion/realignment. It gives me a headache everytime I think of all the possible outcomes. Last time there was a lot of smoke, but not much fire. Today could be day that the wildfire goes out of control and the final domino falls for all hell breaking loose, setting the stage for Conference Armageddon. With all the fate of the Big 12 supposedly in the hands of Oklahoma and Texas, and everyone focusing on what they were going to do, Missouri could be the one that blows it all up. Reports surfaced today that Mizzou is on their way to the SEC, and it gaining momentum. If this is the case, the sooner the better. Whether your team ends up in some sort of new conference, the ACC, Big Ten, Pac-whatever it is called, or somewhere else, lets get this thing over [Read more...]

Chiefs Grade Card – Sept 18th vs. Detroit Lions

Matt Cassel – F Cassel is confirming what I’ve suspected for a long while.  He’s not that good.  Watching the two opposing quarterbacks we’ve played so far has me feeling like a jaded housewife locked into a passionless marriage longing for the strong arms of a Fitzpatrick or Stafford to sweep me away.   In case you don’t get my point, I’d rather have about 28 other league quarterbacks right now over Matt Cassel. Jamal Charles' Knee - F I wish I could blame that damn Lions’ mascot but it appears the injury occurred before he rolled into that silly Lion.  Sadly I would feel a little better if that mascot also tore his ACL.