Chiefs Grade Card – Sept 25th vs. Chargers

    Andrew Cangelose, KC SportsNation CHIEFS GRADES - Game 3 vs Chargers Matt Cassel - F Fumble on the play.  The coaches are consistently calling running plays on 3rd and long.  You don’t do that if you have a good quarterback.  He played decently in the 2nd half but erased everything with a bullet pass into Eric Weddle’s crouch to end the game.

Big 12 Power Rankings

Power Rankings Team (Rec) (Pts)  (Last Week) 1. Oklahoma (3-0) (50) (1) Unanimous selection. Oklahoma was said to be "emotionally drained" heading into their 38-28 win over Missouri. The Sooners fell into a 14-3 hole before scoring 28 unanswered to take a 31-14 lead into the fourth quarter. Landry Jones and Ryan Broyles went off. Jones picked apart a Missouri defense that couldn't get to Jones and despite throwing two picks, threw three TD's, all to Broyles, and 448 yards, setting a new school record for most 300-yard passing games (15) and Jones topped 1,000 yards in just three games. The Missouri rush defense played well again, holding Dominique Whaley to 68 yards rushing, but finished with 150 total yards and a touchdown. Oklahoma's quick-pace no-huddle attack wore down Missouri's defense, who didn't get any help from its offense, which punted eight of nine possessions after taking the 14-3 lead. Oklahoma's defense did its job shutting Missouri down after [Read more...]

Conference Realignment Update: Sept 29, 2011

Another day, more twist and turns in the continuing, exhausting saga known as conference realignment/expansion. The major news of the day comes from the Big 12 expanding. Indications are, via twitterverse, that BYU will become the Big 12's 10th member, and an announcement could come as early as Saturday. The Upset Blog first broke it, "Our source confirms BYU has accepted to join the Big 12 in principle. Then BYUDeep Throwt (AWESOME NAME) confirms it, "Decision to accept was made last night (Wednesday)." Baylor's paid website reported that BYU's announcement will come Saturday. As some others began reporting, such as Cincy's paid site, that TCU, Louisville, Cincinnati and West Virginia will also join, giving the Big 12 14 teams.

MLB, I want to kiss you. Thanks for the Amazing Night.

  Brian Graham, KC Sports Nation   Can anyone else remember a more dramatic end to the MLB regular season? I deemed last night on twitter that it was one of most amazing sports nights of my lifetime, and definitely the most riveting regular season baseball EVER. Two nights before the playoffs, baseball fever swept the nation. And I was glued to it, and I didn't even have a dog in the fight. Four teams, fighting for two spots, tied on the last night.

Conference Realignment Update: Wed Sept 28, 2011: A little of this, a little of that…blah, blah, blah

Conference realingment/expansion rumors continue to drag on. Someone please wake me up when its over. Will it ever end? But as long as their are rumors, speculation and/or news over realignment and expansion to report, we will do our best to bring it to you and what we think it means. 10:10 pm: Neinas continues to show confidence that Missouri is not leaving, go as far as to say he is "confident" Missouri will stay. Maybe he is saying what he has to, or 1) He really believe it or 2) He has no clue. Here is a Yahoo article by Ralph D Russo: Neinas says he thinks losing the rivalry with Kansas, which includes the second longest football rivalry in the nation, and the Big 12 Conference Tournament in Kansas City annually may be enough to make Missouri reconsider leaving. I like both those are two things Missouri would greatly miss if leaving for the SEC. Although, I think the Kansas rivalry would [Read more...]

Conference Realignment Update: Sept 27, 2011

2:21 pm: I tried to stay away from realignment/expansion as long as I could and actually enjoy some football this weekend. There is some news to pass along. First off, over the weekend Texas A&M formally joined the SEC. No surprise here. It was all but a formality. With the loss of Texas A&M official, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports all the Focus on Mizzou, who last week didn't necessarily sound like a school that was "all-in" for a reformed Big 12. Things got interesting last night when their reports surfaced that West Virginia was going to be the SEC's 14th team, less than a week after it was said they were declined by both the ACC and SEC. This was started via a tweet from 97.3 FM ESPN radio in New Jersey, hosted by a West Virginia alum, "I'm hearing #WVU will leave Big East, for the SEC. Expect announcement by weekend." Two hours later he added, "Hearing there will be a press conference on Wednesday to announce that #WVU will be a member of the SEC." That [Read more...]

Beard Growers Delight

Awesome Article from Esquire, copied from: How to Grow a Beard If you're going to put a sweater on your body, there's no reason your face shouldn't be treated with the same respect. Whether it's a full beard or scruff, whatever you do, grow something. By Rodney Cutler

Big 12 Rewind: The Year of the Quarterback?

  Its going to be a long year for defenses in the Big 12 if the quarterbacks continue to put up the numbers they have this year, especially yesterday. In the five games involving seven Big 12 teams, only two of the quarterbacks did not gain 370 yards and three had over 400 yards, and even those two quarterbacks, Kansas State's Colin Klein (223 yards, three total TD) and Texas Tech's Seth Doege (222 yards passsing, 3 TD) led their teams to wins and did not turn the ball over.

Record Setting Day in the Big 12

Missouri embarrasses Western Illinois, Kansas defensive futility continues, Tech gun-slinger Doege sets NCAA mark and Wright sets another Baylor record Brian Graham, KC Sports Nation   Records are meant to be broken. Plenty were in week three in the Big 12. Most were good, some VERY bad. First, the good. in Columbia, Missouri dominated in historic fashion, racking up a school-record 750 yards in annihilation of Western Illinois 69-0. The FCS Leathernecks (1-2) gained just 44 yards and netted just one first down in the most-dominating effort I have seen in a long time. The Tigers rushed for 428 yards and now lead the Big 12 in rushing at 257 yards per game. Speaking of rushing leaders, Missouri sophomore Henry Josey has made the best of his playing time. Josey was one of a four-man rotation last season, and all returned this season. But because of injuries, Josey is the only one left and one of only two scholarship running backs left active. He rushed for [Read more...]