Big 12 Rewind

Power Rankings Team (Rec) (Pts)  (Last Week) 1. Oklahoma (1-0) (30) (1): Oklahoma has had a week to prepare for #5 Florida State (7 pm, Saturday), Last year Oklahoma rolled Florida State in Norman. Can the Seminoles get revenge this week? 2. Oklahoma State (2-0) (27) (2): Oklahoma State’s offense dominated Arizona last Thursday (37-14 win), now they take their show on the road to in-state Tulsa (1-1). 3. Baylor (1-0) (23) (3): Following Robert Griffin III’s career game in the 50-48 win over TCU two weeks ago, Baylor closes out the non-conference schedule with Stephen F. Austin and Rice. How long can Baylor stay undefeated?

Our fix for conference realingment scheduling concerns

As somebody that is a huge college football fan, I am very weary of how the landscape is changing.  I am however all for super conferences if it means we are going to get a college football playoff, and finally be rid of the BCS. Here is my proposal about how these super conferences should handle their scheduling. Each 16-team conference should move to a four, four-team pod system, based on regions as much as possible.  I think, that the biggest roadblock in the super conference’s path is the thought that rivalries are going to die and be forgotten. Remember that is on aspect that the failing Big 12 did not take seriously when it formed in 1996? The new Big 10, however, has seen that and make sure that it keeps those rivalry or trophy games intact.  In a given year in conference play a team would play the three teams in its own pod, play another pod and then one team from the remaining 2 pods. They would play a home and home series with that other pod for two years then rotate to [Read more...]

Dan Beebe Rip VanWinkles the Big 12

Brian Graham, KCSportsNation After Texas A&M, one of the Big 12 Conferences “big three” along with Texas and Oklahoma in the “Big 12 money grab” announced September 2 that it was leaving the Big 12 Conference, certainly destined for the SEC, the question remains, what will conference commissioner Dan Beebe do next? The question should read, what will Dan Beebe DO because he has not done anything in the past 15 months besides sign a long-term, lucrative football television contract.